About Us

Operation Save Our Sons



The National Objectives:

Operation Save Our Sons is a national initiative, launched in Jacksonville, Florida, designed to equip teenage males, particularly African-American with the life skills needed to be successful and productive. This initiative, which creates partnership between several organizations, was founded by Dr. John E. Guns, Senior Pastor of the St. Paul Church of Jacksonville, Inc., and is designed to inspire males to strive for excellence for the sake of their personal future, the community, and the country. The Operation Save Our Sons initiative will empower young boys to maximize their potential for positive civic impact through contributions to their families and their community.


The National Goals:

Operation Save Our Sons primary goal is to educate. In educating our future leaders; we intend to increase promotion and graduation rates in Schools around the Country.

Through education the following goals will be met:

Decrease Crime:

Initially, we believe by increasing academic achievement, it will reduce the incarceration of youths by at least 40%.

Build and Improve Father-Son Relations:

In building, and in some cases, developing Father-Son relationships, we will strengthen families and create a stronger family unit.

Post-Secondary Preparedness and Job Training:

We intend to adequately prepare boys for better life skills that will increase the number of graduating seniors, encourage post-secondary education, and promote both job training and armed forces entrance. These concepts will in turn reduce arrest and incarceration (both which have a dramatic effect on tax payers), as well as relieve additional economic burdens imposed on our communities in regards to the criminal justice system.

Financial Literacy:

By providing financial literacy and training, we intend to develop a sense of pride and self-sufficiency that will lead to our target group living a more productive and fulfilling life, while reducing the chances of becoming prey to the criminal justice system.

Character Development:

We will, through a well structured leadership team, develop a program called the DIFFERENCE-MAKERS; equipping boys with the skill set to manage life and make healthy decisions.

Conflict Management:

With so many potential life altering situations facing boys, we will prepare them through trainings and mentoring groups to successfully navigate these "moments".

Our National Plans

Operation Save Our Sons plans to develop program modules while partnering with existing community based after-school programs in every major city in America. These programs will target boys from ages 6-12 and 13-18. We will also train after school program staff to implement Operation Save Our Sons curriculum designed for each age group, while working one-on-one with the targeted age group through mentorships, ensuring our objectives are met.


National Officers

Dr. John E. Guns, Founder/President
Dwayne Thomas, National Executive Director
Sharon Banks, National Director of Program Development
Kenneth Adkins, National Director of Communications/Special Projects
Rikeeda Holmes-Jordan, National Director of Event Planning

National Board of Directors

Dr. John E. Guns, Founder/Chairman
Ken Jefferson, Vice Chairman
Sharon W. Grant, Secretary
Bracy Taylor, Treasurer