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Mission: To create a national movement where At-Risk TEENAGE MALES are equipped to live SUCCESSFULLY and PRODUCTIVELY for the sake of their future and our country. The Movement will empower young men, ages 11-18 to maximize their potential for positive civic impact through contributions to their families and community; thus, equipping them to one day be effective leaders and fathers. 

Goals: Operation Save Our Sons’ primary goal is to educate. In educating our future leaders, we intend to increase promotion and graduation rates in each city that we are invested in. 

  • Decrease crime: Initially, we believe by increasing academics, will reduce the incarceration significantly with those youth that we encounter.

  • Build and improve family relations: We believe that the family structure is the most important aspect of a child’s life. Our focus will be to increase positive relationships between the parents and their son. 

  • Post-Secondary preparedness and job training: We intend to adequately prepare young men with life skills that will increase the number of graduating seniors, encourage post-secondary education, and promote both job training and armed forces entrance through our MenTurn program. 

  • Financial Literacy: By providing financial literacy and training, we intend to develop a sense of pride and self-sufficiency that will lead to our target group.  We intend to provide financial education to ensure that young men are not overwhelmed by debt and poor financial decisions. 

  • Character Development: We will, through a well-structured character-building program, develop the young men through the three layers of Operation  Save Our Sons, equipping the boys with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to grow into productive citizens. 

  • Conflict Management: With so many potential life-altering situations facing at-risk males, we will prepare them, through training and mentoring groups, to successfully navigate these situations successfully. 

  • Civic & Political engagement: Educating young at-risk males on how the political system works and how they can get involved using the system to benefit themselves and their communities. Our focus is to also build positive relationships with law enforcement agencies in our city.


Three Tier Approach 

Elementary School (Grades 3rd- 5th): 

JEG Young Scholars - Character Building & Social Emotional Training


Our first level is focused on developing young boys that are socially/emotionally stable,  respectful of authority, and motivated to give their best effort in everything they do.  This is accomplished using a curriculum exclusively designed for and by OSOS. We believe in creating a culture of open, healthy dialogue between the facilitator and the program participants while offering guidance regarding issues that are often overlooked. 

Middle/High (Grades 6th- 9th): 

Difference Makers - Career Exploration, Character Building & Social Emotional Training 

At this level, we continue character building, as well as, exposing the young men to as many career fields as possible. We focus on what strengths, likes, and dislikes the youth may have, then give direction as to what careers may suit what they are good at and the lifestyle they would like to have. Middle school is also a time where the youth's social and emotional health is going through a transition. Our training sessions will be one various subject that will prepare the youth for positive relationships with peers, partners,  parents, and community. 

High School (Grades 10th-12th): 

MenTurn - Career Exploration, Job and Internship placement, Character building 

Our MenTurn level is where we get to see the fruit of our labor. At this level, we push the young men out of the nest into a world that is still controlled, but they will have the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that they have learned over the year. Through strategic partnerships and the strengths of the individual, we will pair the youth with an organization that will prepare them for the real world, as well as, continues to offer mentorship guidance and ongoing training.

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